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Monday, August 29, 2016
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Scuba Diving Timor Leste | PADI 5 Star IDC Centre East Timor

Dive Timor Lorosae is Timor Leste's premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre offering a full range of friendly and professional PADI dive courses and daily diving trips on the beautiful tropical coral reefs that surround Timor Leste!

Why dive Timor Leste? - As the newest country in Asia, Timor Leste has easy access to some of the most recently discovered and least explored diving in the region! Making up the southern section of the Coral Triangle, Timor is home to a massive diversity of coral and fish species.

The best thing is that the fringing reef across the northern coast is easily accessible from the shore often beginning only a few meters from the water’s edge. Dolphins call the Timorese waters home as well as migrating whales for several months of the year. Diving in Timor Leste gives you a chance to see everything from exciting Hammerhead Sharks and endangered Dugongs to interesting critters like Frogfish and Ghost Pipefish!

DTL's range of services includes:

Why dive with DTL? - Dive Timor Lorosae (DTL) was established in 2002 by Mark Mialszygrosz. After traveling, exploring and scuba diving the country since 2000 he set up Timor's first PADI dive centre and has strived to set and maintain the standard for scuba dive travel, scuba dive training and scuba dive tourism within Timor Leste.

Even though DTL has now grown to become a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, we still pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personable service, while providing safe quality diver training at all levels.

Looking for a Hotel in Timor? - DTL also has our own Hotel/Apartment accommodation, Guest House accommodation and Backpacker accommodation. All with free internet and western modern facilities and all located in central Dili on the beach front!

Get in contact with us now to book your scuba course, dive trips or accommodation! info@divetimor.com

Latest News September 2016


Weird and Wonderful "Muck" diving [ Thursday, 26 May 2016 ]

Muck diving is defined as a muddy environment, diving in a place with more sediments than found on a reef. It can also be a composition of man-made garbage or what we call ‘artificial reef’.

For some history, the term was first used by Bob Halstead when diving of the coast of Milne Bay (PNG) to describe the diving on black sandy bottom.

People like “muck” diving because of the unusual, magical and juvenile creatures that live in its environment. As the sediment and detritus environment is different from the reef, the marine life is indeed as different and restricted to that environment. Colourful creatures like nudibranch, anglerfish (frogfish), ghost pipefish, crab and shrimp can be found as well as rare creatures like blue-ringed or mimic octopus and weedy scorpion fish.

If you like underwater photography, then “muck” diving is definitely good for you as most of the creatures are staying still, trying to stay camouflaged or just posing for you.

The first time you will go for a muck dive, you might think what are you doing here. Visibility, due to sendiment can be lower than one the reef, there is very little coral and it feels a bit empty.

But after few minutes, your eyes will start to discover things like a squat lobster on the back of a feather star putting up his claws as you are getting closer. In that same feather star will be hiding on a perfect camoflage an ornate ghost pipefish.

Next to it on the sand it will be  some yellowish sea weed but looking at it from closer you will discover a weedy scorpionfish in the exact same color as the sea weed.

Few fin kicks away you will first see a sponge that will become sudenly to have eyes and a mouth and you will realise that is a frog fish.  And it will go on this way all the dive, this is the magic of 'muck' diving

Tasi Tolu, Roda Reef and Pertamina Pier are amazing “muck” dive sites where Dive Timor Lorosae instructors will love to take you diving. Come and join us to discover the weird and wonderful of “muck” diving of Timor Leste.



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Check out The Hummingfish Foundation's new website. The Hummingfish Foundation, which is essentially an environmental protection organization is designed to protect the earth's unspoiled natural environments by "adding value to nature" itself through sustainable community-based nature tourism (diving, bird watching, trekking, etc).

About Indopacificimages.com Underwater photographer and writer Don Silcock is a big fan of Timor Leste and his website is a great place to find an interesting explanation of why the scuba diving is so good plus great descriptions of some of the best dive sites and superb image galleries of what you will see there.


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