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Monday, December 15, 2014
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Divesites Map



General dive-chit-chat bout the north coast and atauro. Water, fish, temp, seabottom, currents, etc....

Click on a link below to access a more detailed description of each site.

Atauro Island Dive Sites
Coast Dives Sites West of Dili
Coast Dive Sites East of Dili
Local Dive Sites Near Dili

Atauro Island Dive Sites



1 . Franks Crack
2 . Table Top
3 . Big Fish
4 . Manta Cove
5 . Inner Reef
6 . Outer Reef

Without a doubt, Atauro is East Timor's most pristine diving area. Around the island is a large variety of dives suitable for every level! Visibility is always excellent, and the abundance of fish life and coral is simply overwhelming. Our dive masters will be more than happy to show you the hidden secrets of Atauro's underwater world. Want to go only for snorkelling? No worries! We will bring you to beautiful sites for an unforgettable experience! People interested in staying on Atauro and only needing the trip over? Let us know, and we can take care of it! Our boat, the Zara-Ann, takes you to Atauro in 1 hour, departing from Dili. Lunch and non-alcoholic drinks are included. For bookings please use the contact details.

Coast Dives Sites West of Dili



1 . Seal Rock
2 . Maubara Church
3 . Maubara Fort
4 . Bubble Beach

As you head further West towards Liquica you come to such dive sites as Bubble Beach, known for its amazing bubble fields and the spectacular dive site The Gravel Pit.

Coast Dive Sites East of Dili



1 . Secret Garden
10 . Dirt Track
11 . K 57
2 . Black Rock
3 . K 41
4 . K 41 East
5 . Behau Village
6 . Bobīs Rock
7 . Marble Rock
8 . One Tree

East of Dili, divers can experience shore diving at its best. Easy access along the coast allows divers safe entry to great wall dives. Secret Garden, K41, Bob's Rock and Lone Tree are some of the amazing dives that can be done. Approximately 40 min East of Dili the diving starts and continues as far as Com some 100km away. The variety of dives along this stretch of road is endless yet K41 and Shark Point are among the favourites of the local divers.

Local Dive Sites Near Dili



1 . Dili Rock (West)
2 . Dili Rock (East)
3 . Roda Reef
4 . Tasi Tulo
5 . Pertamina Pier
6 . Pinnacle
7 . Front Side of Christo Rey

The area around Dili offers the diver some excellent close dives with great variety. Easy to schedule local dive trips at any time with our flexible schedules to fot yours. Only 5 minutes from our dive centre is Pertamina Pier, one of East Timor's best dives for critters, octopus and schooling batfish. Diver's are always surprised when they first dive it and the amount of what is seen at a dive site within Dili!

Just 10 minutes west of Dili is Dili Rock East & West known for its easy access and great conditions with a variety of sandy bottom and excellent corals Dili East also offers great opportunities to see macro critters and loads of colourful reef fish.

Along the same beach lies Tasi Tolu, Timor's premier muck diving option with sea horses and many other photographer favourites on this mostly sandy bottom. Roda Reef an artificial reef project built by DTL good for frogfish, nudis and more macro. Both sites sea grass shallows attract dugongs throughout the year!

Travellling east of Dili you can find both Front and Back Side of Christ Rei offering excellent coral reefs with huge varieties of fishlife. The Pinnacle is a local boat dive that is known for pelagics, turtles and stingrays!



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